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Yechuri urges Indian youngsters to fight for your rights, give sleepless nights to BJP govt

New Delhi, November 03 (KMS): General Secretary of Communist Party of India Marxist (CPI-M), Sitaram Yechury has urged the youngsters to fight for their rights and give sleepless nights to the Bharatiya Janata Party-led Indian government.

The CPI-M leader addressing a rally in New Delhi said the youngsters will decide about the future of India.

Yechury said, “Years ago, we gave the slogan jobs for all, education for all. Now, it should be extended to say education for all, employment for all, otherwise we will give sleepless nights to the (Narendra) Modi government. Only the youngsters can give them sleepless nights.”

He said that the BJP was looting the country in the name of propaganda, spins and untruths. He said, Modi delivered a speech on Wednesday, saying we are showing the world how to eliminate poverty. He said, this is a complete hoax and all of us know that two-thirds of the poor all over the world come from India.

Public sector property, which is the property of people, is being sold off without the owner’s permission, he said, adding, it is essential that youngsters stand up and fight for their rights.

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