Airplane-shaped balloon in green and white colour recovered in Samba

Jammu, November 02 (KMS): In Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir, an aircraft-shaped balloon in green and white colour was found in Samba district of Jammu region.

The balloon in the shape of an aero plane was found in evening in a field in Tanth area of the district.

One local resident Darshan Kumar saw a green and white balloon in the shape of an airplane with Pakistan written on it in his fields. The balloon was in green and white colour having crescent moon and star of the Pakistani flag printed on it. BHN and emirates were written on the balloon with some text in Urdu language.

The police said it has started an investigation in the matter to find out where from and how this balloon came.

In a another incident, an aircraft-shaped balloon with “Pakistan International Airlines printed on it” was also reportedly found in Bikaner district of the Indian state of Indian state of Rajasthan earlier in the day.

In March this year also, a balloon in the shape of an aircraft with a ‘PIA’ mark was recovered in Sarna area of Samba district.

Ironically, whenever such balloons are found, Indian authorities and media start propagating the conspiracy theory that they were sent by Pakistan for spying purpose.

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