Hate politics intensifies before elections, says former Indian Chief Election Commissioner

New Delhi November 01 (KMS): Former Chief Election Commissioner of India, SY Qureshi, has expressed concern over the growing trend of hate speeches saying that the politics of hate accelerates with the start of election activities in the country.

Y. Qureshi during a media interview in New Delhi regretted that as the elections are approaching in the country, the politics of hate and hate speeches are increasing across India. There are many laws in the Indian constitution for this, but despite this, politics of hatred has not stopped.

He said that through the politics of hatred in India, voters are forced to vote for certain Hindutva organizations. He said that most of the voters are divided. The phenomenon starts even before the election. He said that dividing votes through hate politics is a common thing in India.

SY Qureshi said that in order to prevent hate speech during elections, the Election Commission can punish up to three years by taking action under Section 125 of the Representation of the People Act as well as under Sections 295, 298, and 505.

However, he noted that in the prevailing situation in India, the officers do not take action due to political pressure. He said that if the authorities work under the law, hate speech can be completely banned in India, today.

It should be noted that the next general elections in India will be held in 2024, for which all the political parties have started their election campaign.

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