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Video show: Women in “Indian Forces” inducted for just entertainment purpose | Kashmir Magazine

Topics of Discussion

1- Women in “Indian Armed Forces” are inducted for just an entertainment purpose said ex – Female official, Women harassment in Indian Armed forces is at its peak one of the reason for women desertion from forces. Women officer interview in our show.
2- India is a republic of Hunger, says World Bank Report, Brand India & Shinning India is only in Bollywood movies? will dig further!
3- Reliance Stores opened in IIOJK, very purpose of abrogation of 370 is to oblidge cronies , You scratch my back & I scratch Yours, how Modi’s friends is capturing IIOJK economy will tell in detail.

Guests :
Brig R Haris Nawaz, Dr Salma Malik, & Manzoor Shah.

Host: Yasir Rehman

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