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Srinagar’s brilliant artist Zainab Farooq

Srinagar, October 31 (KMS): In Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir, young artists have embarked on the difficult job of using contemporary techniques to resurrect the old art of calligraphy.

One such artist is Zainab Farooq, daughter of Farooq Ahmad, a resident of Khanyar Srinagar.

Zainab Farooq in a media interview said, “I used to take part in competitions and, by the grace of the Almighty, emerged as the winner. That thing motivated me to thrive in art. Besides, it gives me satisfaction.”

She said it is not something that suddenly came to her, but she believes that it is something that was God-gifted. Since her childhood, she has been in colour every time, she added.

Zainab Farooq said she has faced so many difficulties while pursuing her passion. “Difficulty is everywhere in your life, but how you combat it makes sense,” she maintained.

“Difficulties can be huge or not at all. It can be time management, financial issues, the market, growth or anything, but how you face those without stressing yourself is important, “Zainab added.

She is utilising social media sites to sell her calligraphies, paintings, and artwork. Her Instagram handle is @zainabfarooq621.

Zainab said that her parents have always been supportive in every aspect of her life, be it studies or artwork, and for that, she is highly grateful.

In a message to the youth, Zainab said to do what they like.

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