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MMU pays tribute to Maulana Abbas Ansari

Srinagar, October 29 (KMS): In Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir, Muttahida Majlis-e-Ulema (MMU), on behalf of all its members, including its patron-in-chief Mirwaiz Umar Farooq, has expressed deep grief and sorrow over the demise of its member and a leading religious scholar Maulana Abbas Ansari.

The MMU in its statement paid rich tribute to Maulana Abbas Ansari for his decades-long religious services, his key role in the establishment of the Majlis-e-Ulema and his positive efforts for the Shia-Sunni unity in the occupied territory.

Maulana Abbas Ansari was a perceptive and far-sighted religious scholar who used to warn at every stage about the plans of the forces inimical to the unity of the people of Kashmir, the statement said.

All the members of the Majlis-e-Ulema are not only saddened by the demise of the elderly and veteran religious scholar, but at the individual and organizational level, they went to the residence of the deceased and expressed solidarity with the bereaved family members.

The constituent organisations of the MMU are Anjuman Auqaf of Jamia Masjid, Srinagar, Darul Uloom Raheemiya, Bandipora, Grand Mufti’s Muslim Personnel Law Board, Anjuman Sharie Shian, Jamiat Ahle Hadeeth, Jama’at-e-Islami, Karwaan-e-Islami, Ittehad-ul-Muslimeen, Anjuman Himayat-ul-Islam, Anjuman Tabligh-e-Islam, Jamiat Hamadaniyah, Anjuman Ulema-e-Ahnaf, Darul Uloom Qasmiya, Darul Uloom Bilaliya, Anjuman Nusrat-ul-Islam, Anjuman Mazhar-ul-Haq, Jamiat-ul-Aima Wa Ulema, Anjuman Aima Wa Mashaaikh Kashmir, Darul Uloom Naqshbandiya, Darul Uloom Rasheediya, Ahl-e-Bayt Foundation, Madrasa Kanz-ul-Uloom, Pearwaan-e-Wilaayat, Auqaf Islamia Khirram Sirhama, Bazm-e-Tawheed Ahl-e-Hadeeth Trust, Anjuman Tanzeem-al-Makatib, Muhammadi Trust, Anjuman Anwar-ul-Islam, Karwaan-e-Khatam-e-Nabuwat, Darul Uloom Syed Al Mursaleen, Anjuman Ulema Wa Aima Masaajid, Falah Darain Trust, Welfare Society, Islamabad, Idara Wahdatul Makatib, Darul Uloom Natipora, Srinagar, and other contemporary religious, social and educational associations.

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