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BJP attempts to buy MLAs, Delhi Deputy CM says Amit Shah should be arrested

New Delhi, October 29 (KMS): Deputy Chief Minister of New Delhi Manish Sisodia on Saturday said that Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) had attempted to buy Members of Legislative Assembly (MLAs).

Manish Sisodia played an audio clip of a BJP man purportedly luring a TRS MLA in Telangana and discussing the party’s bid to poach Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) MLAs in the capital.

He also showed the photograph of three men in the briefing and said that all three Dalals (brokers) have been caught with Rs 100 crore kept aside for poaching the TRS MLAs.

“Today, a huge example has come to the fore of Operation Lotus, which is being carried out by the BJP. The way they buy legislators, they topple the elected governments.. such links have been found in Delhi and Telangana. AAP has proof of it,” Sisodia said as he was briefing reporters.

On October 27, three men were arrested during raids in Telangana and Rs 100 crore were seized, Sisodia said.

“In this audio, the BJP’s dalal can be heard luring a TRS MLA to the BJP, saying they were also trying to poach 43 Delhi MLAs and that money has been kept aside for this purpose. He can be heard saying that he has spoken to Shah and B L Santosh,” Sisodia said.

“If it is Home Minister Amit Shah, the BJP’s dalal is referring to, he should immediately be arrested and questioned,” the Delhi deputy chief minister demanded.

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