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Pandit youth urges community to beware of Modi regime’s evil agenda

Srinagar, October 18 (KMS): In Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir, a Pandit youth while participating in a protest against the permission to liquor sale in the territory has urged the members of his community to beware of the Modi government’s communal agenda.

Talking to media persons in Srinagar, the Pandit youth said that the Muslim community stands by the Pandit brothers, and there is no fear from the majority community as he can talk freely to the media. He said that containing Pandits in separate colonies is not in the interest of the community and asked them to remove the blindfolds woven around their eyes by the Modi regime.

The Pandit youth said that by restricting the Pandits in separate colonies, the Modi regime wants to draw a communal line between the Muslims and Pandits and break affinity between the two.

The youth revealed that the Modi government will launch another version of film Kashmir File regarding the so-called killing of Kashmiri Pandits, and urged his community to beware of the conspiracy.

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