Arabs deplore opening of new temple in Dubai, cite ‘atrocities’ on Muslims in India

Dubai, October 12 (KMS): Expressing dismay and resentment over the newly inaugurated Hindu temple in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, several social media users from Arab world have drawn attention of ruling elite in the country towards persecution of Muslims in India.

Prominent journalist, A Mansour, in a tweet said, “The temple was being inaugurated while Hindus in India ran campaigns of persecution against Muslims, their mosques and their shops”.

Columnist and author, Abdulla Alamadi, said, “they demolish our masajid there, but we build their temples here! They break hearts of 200 million Muslims there, But we work to win the satisfaction of one million Hindu hearts here! Is this the concept of tolerance in the Emirates?”

Dr Mohammad al Sagheer, Secretary-General of the International Commission to the Support of the Prophet of Islam (SAW) and a member of Broad of Trustees of the Union of Muslim Scholars, said “at a time when Muslims are suffering in India, there mosques are being demolished, the UAE opened the largest Hindu temple in the Arab world, which cost 16 million dollars to build, on an area of 2,300 square meters, and accommodates about a thousand people”.

Dr Sagheer termed it an event of provoking the feelings of Muslims.

Journalist Turki Shalhoub, in a tweet said, Hindu extremists in India are busy exterminating Muslims in the country while UAE opened the first Hindu temple in Dubai at a cost of 16 million dollars, instead of aiding Muslims of India.

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