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IIOJK in focus

Data debunks Amit Shah’s ‘no electricity in AJK villages’ comment

Modi regime peddling lies about development in IIOJK

Islamabad, October 07 (KMS): Narendra Modi-led fascist Indian government is crafting false narratives of development & progress in Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir to justify its illegal actions in the territory while at the same time it is peddling lies to underplay the advancement that has occurred in Azad Jammu and Kashmir since 1947.

This was stated by experts and analysts closely watching the developments in IIOJK as well as AJK in their interviews. They were responding to the address made by Indian Home Minister Amit Shah at a govt-sponsored rally in Baramulla on Wednesday.

Giving their reaction to Amit Shah’s false claim that Azad Jammu and Kashmir is underdeveloped and there is no electricity in its villages, the experts and analysts said that for Indian leaders it is hard to swallow the progress and development made in AJK after 1947 and as such are making these kinds of fallacious statements to befool people. They said that electrification has reached to almost every village of AJK and proved their point by presenting the data from the Statistical Year Book 2020 of AJK Bureau of Statistics Planning and Development Department wherein it is stated that 92.99 percent of AJK population has been provided with the electricity till the year.

Experts and analysts further said Modi regime is trying to mislead the world by showing that a new era of so-called peace and development has started in IIOJK. However, they maintained, the fact of the matter is that the RSS-backed BJP govt’s 5 Aug 2019 illegal move has put the occupied territory into a reverse gear in all spheres of life, asking how peace and development can happen in Kahsmir when it has become the world’s most militarized zone.

They pointed out that under the guise of bringing development & progress, Modi regime is plotting to change the Muslims majority status of IIOJK into minority by opening it for Indian investors and citizens and said that economic development of Kashmir was a hoax under Indian illegal occupation. Substantiating their point, they maintained that no sane investor will even think of investing in IIOJK as it is a nuclear flashpoint in the region.

The experts and analysts said that the Kashmiris are not against peace & development but freeing their motherland from Indian yoke is their prime objective. They said that their principal demand is the holding of plebiscite under the UN supervision so that they can decide their fate by themselves and everything else comes after this demand is fulfilled.

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