Modi repeating watermelon mould experiment on Kashmiris: Arundhati Roy

London, October 06 (KMS): Famous Indian writer, intellectual and activist Arundhati Roy while giving a lecture at the Conway Hall in London said that the Kashmir valley, from which no news can come out, offers a scene of a giant prison.

She expressed the fear that soon the Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir would have more Indian soldiers than local people.

Arundhati Roy informed the audience that every communication by Kashmiris, private or public, even the very rhythm of their breathing, is supervised.

“In schools, under the guise of learning to love Gandhi, Muslim children are being taught to sing Hindu bhajans. When I think of Kashmir these days, for some reason I think of how, in some parts of the world, watermelons are being trained to grow in square moulds so that they are cube-shaped and easier to stack. In the Kashmir valley, it looks as though the Indian government is running that experiment on humans instead of melons. At gun-point,” she said.

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