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Muslims flogged in Gujarat over allegations of stone pelting amid public cheers

Gandhinagar, (Gujarat, India), October 05 (KMS): The police in Gujarat flogged a group of Muslims amid cheers from public in the Kheda region of the state over false charges of pelting stones on an event held in connection with the Hindu festival Navratri.

According to Kashmir Media Service, a video of the event making rounds on social media showed that 10 to 11 Muslims were brought to a village where the police “taught them a lesson in public” in Undhela village.

Responding to the view, netizens questioned and termed police’s tactics as ‘kangroo justice’.

One of the social media users questioned as why no video of stone pelting has surfaced or how many people were hurt in the incident. He also questioned why the policemen flagging the Muslims were in plain clothes while the unformed ones were idly standing behind.

“This is a state police flogging Muslims in public on accusation of pelting stones in Gujrat,” another user on social media asking under which rule of IPC (Indian Penal Code) the Gujarat Police were beating the men in public.

Another social media user called it a “Kangaroo Court in ‘largest’ democracy”.


Renowned Indian journalist, Rana Ayub, in a tweet said, an extremely disturbing video from Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s home state, Gujarat. “Muslim men tied to a pole, flogged in public as they beg for mercy. A crowd cheers, celebrates raising nationalist slogans as they are brutally thrashed in presence of cops,” she added.

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