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Massive support to Kashmiris’ right to self-determination


Islamabad, October 05 (KMS): Former Australian Senator and human rights activist, Lee Rhiannon, expressing support to the people of Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir has called for granting them the UN recognized right to self-determination.

She expressed her support through a video message released on social media. Besides backing the Kashmiris’ right to self-determination, she has also called for freeing Yasin Malik and all other Kashmiri political prisoners and withdrawal of Indian troops from IIOJK. She has urged the people to show their support to the Kashmiris by posting a photo or post under the hashtag #SolidariTea4Kashmir, launched by the international advocacy group, Let Kashmiris decide.

In her video message, she says, “The people of Indian occupied Kashmir need our support. You can share your support on Wednesday, the 5th of October. Join #SolidaritTea4Kashmir with friends, family or work colleagues. Share tea and words of support for Kashmir. Take your photo and post on social media #SolidariTea4Kashmir. Take action for Kashmiri self-determination. Free Yasin Malik and all political prisoners and withdrawal of Indian troops”.

It is to mention here that Let Kashmiris Decide is a grassroots organisation committed to raising awareness about the Indian illegal occupation of Jammu and Kashmir, human rights abuses in IIOJK, standing in solidarity with the people of Jammu and Kashmir and supporting their right to self-determination.

#SolidariTea4Kashmir initiative of the Let Kashmiris Decide has evoked massive response from across the world. The prominent people around the world are expressing solidarity with and support to the Kashmiris’ right to self-determination.

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