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Hindutva activists call for boycott of hilal meat in Karnataka

Bengaluru, October 04 (KMS): Hindutva activists have launched a campaign seeking a boycott of halal meat during the celebration of Hindu festival Navratri in the Indian state of Karnataka.

Navaratri is an annual festival observed in the honour of the Hindu deity Durga spaning over nine nights. It is observed for different reasons and celebrated differently in various parts of India.

During the festival, people enjoy non-vegetarian food in Karnataka. In order to inflict economic losses to the Muslims, members of Hindutva organizations have launched a campaign asking people to buy the meat only from Hindu shops during the festival.

A Hindutva activist and Hindavi Mart owner, Mune Gowda, has said that a meeting of Hindu leaders would be held on Monday in this regard. He said, Jatka cut (Hindu way of killing animals for meat) campaign has to be continued. He said the campaign to use only Jhatka cut meat and buy meat from Hindu shops will also be taken up on social media, near temples.

Earlier this year also, during the controversy over the ban on wearing of hijab by Muslim students in the educational institutions in Karnataka, the Hindutva organizations had called or boycott of Halal meat.

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