Abandoned Hindu temple opened in purely Muslim Handwara town

Srinagar, October 04 (KMS): In the ongoing Hindutva drive launched by Modi’s BJP government to turn Jammu and Kashmir into a Hindu state, century-old Ganesh Temple has been opened in Handwara town, Kupwara district, which is a Muslim area with only a few Hindu people.

Hindus from across India were brought to the temple for prayers during the opening ceremony. The temple was renovated as it was abandoned because of absence of Hindu worshipers.

Interestingly, the local Muslims fully cooperated with the guest Hindus.

President Sanatan Dharam Sabha Handwara, Ashok Kumar told the media that they received huge support from local Muslims in “reopening of the temple”.

“The people living in the locality helped us in restoring the previous glory of this century-old temple. Muslim community provided the much needed support to us in this initiative and they remained present in good number today on the re-opening ceremony,” said another organizer.

“They even came forward to clean the well present in the premises of the temple which is a great example of sense of belongingness and Kashmiryat,” he added.

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