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US ambassador refers Pakistani Kashmir as ‘Azad Jammu & Kashmir’

Islamabad, October 03 (KMS): The US ambassador in Islamabad, Donald Blome, visited Pakistani Kashmir and called it ‘Azad Jammu & Kashmir’ today.

Donald Blome, sharing pictures from his visit, gave a glimpse of the various places of historical importance that he went to in AJK, including the Quaid-e-Azam Memorial Dak Bungalow.

“The Quaid-e-Azam Memorial Dak Bungalow symbolizes the cultural and historical richness of Pakistan and was famously visited by Jinnah in 1944, ” said the US ambassador in a tweet. “Damaged during the 2005 earthquake, the local government has beautifully restored this heritage site for the benefit of the community and visiting travelers,” he added.

Blome in the tweets highlighted how the US has helped to restore 32 historic and cultural sites around Pakistan, totalling more than $7.1 million. “These projects show the respect & admiration the US has for Pakistan, its culture, and its people,” the ambassador added.

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