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Pakistan govt’s official Twitter account withheld in India

New Delhi, October 01 (KMS): The Pakistan government`s official Twitter account has been withheld in India.

Claim regarding the blockage was made by Indian media which also shared a screenshot of the account which appeared to be associated with Pakistan’s government.

As per Indian media, this was not first time that India has blocked the Government of Pakistan’s Twitter account in its territories. The Modi-led administration has earlier also taken such action; however, the account was restored later.

In June this year and under India’s Information Technology Act, 2000, the Indian government banned official accounts of various Pakistani embassies, journalists, and even some prominent personalities on the micro-blogging site.

Following this action, Pakistan’s Ministry for Foreign Affairs issued a condemnation, deeming the act deeply concerning.

FO also shared a list of the banned accounts in its tweet, which included accounts of the Pakistani Embassy in UN, Turkey, Iran and Egypt.

The Pakistan Telecom Authority (PTA) also took up the matter with Twitter when the ban was imposed.

The telecom regulator, in a statement, said that Twitter has been urged to reconsider its biased suppression of information and restore official Pakistani accounts for viewing in India.

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