Muslim youth tortured by Bajrang Dal mob for watching dance event

Ahmedabad, Sep 30 (KMS): The Ahemdabad police in Indian state of Gujarat have failed to arrest the elements associated with Bajrang Dal for assaulting four Muslim youth for watching a traditional dance in the city.

Although Gujarat Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) also admitted that some members of its youth wing, the Bajrang Dal, got hold of some Muslims who had been taking part in Navratri celebrations, the police in the Narendra Modi’s home state has failed to arrest the culprits.

Justifying the attack on Muslim youth, the hardliner Hindutva outfit said they did it to preempt “love jihad” (a term coined by Hindu extremist groups that roughly refers to a match between a Muslim boy and a Hindu girl).

VHP spokesperson Hitendrasinh Rajput told media that the Muslim youth were warned despite repeated warnings and their volunteers grabbed them for preventing ‘love jihad’.

Meanwhile, several videos regarding the incidents have gone viral on social media. In one such video the Hindu mob, wearing saffron shawls could be seen beating a youth sporting a beard. The youngsters make repeated attempts to escape their clutches and could be seen bleeding.

Taking strong note of the video, journalist, Rohni Singh termed the Bajrang Dal, a “terrorist organization”.

“This is shameful beyond words. Bajrang Dal is a terror organisation out to sow hate and destroy India,” she said.

Advocate Kruna Nandy also called the Bajrang Dal a “terror organisation” and lamented that the UPA government failed to ban the Hidnutva outfit.

“The Bajrang Dal is blatantly a terror organisation. That the UPA failed to ban them doesn’t make this any less true,” she said.

Some People on social media also demanded imposition of a ban on the Bajrang Dal after the videos showing the brutal assault on Muslim youths have gone viral on social media.

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