Headmaster suspended for holding essay contest on Prophet Mohammad (PBUH)

Gadag (Karnataka),  Sep 30 (KMS): A school headmaster was suspended by the education department in Gadag district in the Indian state of Karnataka for initiating an essay contest on Holy Prophet Mohammad (peace  be upon him).

Karnataka Education Department suspended Abdul Munaaf Bijapur, headmaster of  Naagavi village Government Secondary School in Gadag.

The sources  from Karnataka Education Department claimed that around 43 students were asked to compete in the essay contest and they were also provided books “Mohammad for all” and “Only one Prophet” by the headmaster as reference material for the essay contest.

Meanwhile, activists of Sri Rama Sene protested in front of the school and questioned the headmaster for holding an essay competition on the Holy Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him).

Additional Commissioner, Department of Public Instruction Sidramappa S. Biradara issued the suspension order for holding the essay competition without any direction from the department or any government agency.

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