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Pakistan will continue moral, political and diplomatic support of Kashmiris: Gen Nadeem Raza

Islamabad, September 29 (KMS): The Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee, General Nadeem Raza, has said that Pakistan’s desire for peace should not be considered a weakness and will not allow any country to take unfair advantage of the unstable situation in the region.

General Nadeem Raza, while addressing the graduation ceremony of Pakistan Air Force cadets in Risalpur, today, said Pakistan will continue the moral, political and diplomatic support of Kashmiris in their struggle for their inalienable right to self-determination.

He said Pakistan is a peaceful country and seeks harmony and peaceful co-existence with all countries. Pakistan Air Force always completed the hopes of the nation, he added.

He said the Armed forces are fully capable to meet any challenges and congratulated participants of the course and hoped that they will keep themselves acquainted with modern techniques to meet challenges.

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