Modi’s fascist ideology is threat to peace and stability in South Asia


Islamabad, September 29 (KMS): India has turned into a Hindu fascist state as targeting of religious minorities and all those who refuse to toe the Hindutva line has been normalized in the country since Narendra Modi, a lifetime member of Hindu extremist organization RSS, became its prime minister in 2014.

Modi-led Indian regime is using strong-arm tactics to subjugate not only Muslims in India and Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir but also those who are critical of its cruel policies, said a report released, today, by Kashmir Media Service. It said the BJP government is misusing its probe agencies and laws to scare those raise voice of dissent and even judiciary has become a pliant organ of the state to the extent that it is pronouncing verdicts in favour of Hindu zealots.

The report deplored that persecution, harassment and marginalization of religious minorities, particularly Muslims, have alarmingly increased since BJP came to power, adding that the communal Indian government was leaving no stone unturned to convert India into a Hindu Rashtra.

In its latest anti-Muslim, move, the report said, the Modi regime banned Popular Front of India (PFI) and its affiliates for five years under draconian law Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act. The ban was preceded with arresting of hundreds of PFI members during widespread crackdown across India.

The report pointed out that BJP government’s August 5, 2019 illegal action of abrogating IIOJK’s special status has again testified that India is a fascist state and said that the move is aimed at converting the territory’s Muslim majority into a minority.

Terming Modi’s fascist ideology as the biggest threat to peace and stability in South Asia, the report said it is high time for the international community to come together to deal with fascism of Modi and his Hindutva regime and bring them to book for violating international laws in India and IIOJK.

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