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India had fired BrahMos into Pakistan under ulterior motives, says Zafar Jaspal

Islamabad, September 28 (KMS): Zafar Jaspal, an Islamabad-based analyst and professor at the School of Politics and International Relations, Quaid-i-Azam University, has said that Indian supersonic cruise missile Brahmos was fired from India into Pakistan in March 2022 intentionally.

Speaking in PTV World’s prgramme VIEWS ON NEWS, Zafar Jaspal said, “Our technical experts who deal with the missiles have a consensus that it [Indian BrahMos landing in Pakistan] was not a mere misjudgment, adding that had it been a misfire, the Indian Army’s Director General of Military Operations (DGMO) would have immediately contacted his Pakistani counterpart and informed him about the incident.

He said that the delay on part of India in taking Pakistan into confidence over the fire strengthened the belief that the missile was fired with other [ulterior] motives.

It is worth mentioning here that a Brahmos cruise missile was fired by the Indian Army from somewhere in western India and it landed at Mian Channun in Pakistan. The missile was not armed, in that it did not carry a warhead, so there was no explosion and there was no damage to life or property.

Referring to the Balakot attack, Zafar Jaspal said that “India lost confidence in its conventional superiority after the Balakot strike.”

He said the Balakot attack was not a violation of Line of Control, instead it was a violation of international border. However, in the backdrop of this attack, India’s air force was checkmated, its navy was checkmated and even its deployment of BrahMos was checkmated with Pakistan warning New Delhi that if it fired one missile, Pakistan would fire two in reply.

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