MP brings UK govt’s attention to RSS-induced violence in Britain

London, September 25 (KM S): British Member of Parliament, Yasmin Qureshi, has raised the issue of the rising Hindutva wave in Britain with her government saying that violent unrest erupted in Bolton after a group of at least 300 young, masked, Hindu men marched for more than two miles through the city via a Muslim majority area.

Yasmin Qureshi who is MP from Bolton South East in a letter to Suella Braverman, Home Secretary, wrote that for decades, Muslim and Hindu Communities have lived side by side as friends, colleagues and neighbours in Leicester as they have in Bolton.

“In recent weeks and months, there have been concerning reports of violent assaults, religious symbols being attacked, and antisocial behaviour …with growing anger fuelled by social media.”

“Last weekend, tensions boiled over and violent unrest erupted on to the streets. It was reported that a group of at least 300 young, masked, Hindu men marched for more than two miles through the city via a Muslim majority area. The situation became even more serious when people armed with sticks and bats carried out assaults, missiles and fireworks were thrown and police were injured. Evidence has suggested that tensions and violence have been inflamed by groups outside of Leicester who came to the city with the intention of causing violence. Over half of those arrested were from outside of the city.”

“This was not an isolated incident. Rather, this is an illustration of tension that has grown over time and is rooted in Islamophobia inspired from imported ‘RSS Hindutva’ extremism and right-wing ideology. It has further been exacerbated by social media networks where much of this racism and fascism is being shared.”

“I am pleased to learn that an independent Inquiry will be held. Please can you confirm that the Inquiry will consider what happened and why, by thorough examination of the underlying issues? Specifically, the evidence that suggests that this was motivated and encouraged by extreme ideologies and outside organizations,” she wrote while referring to RSS in India.

“There is deep concern amongst my constituents in Bolton that if more is not done to acknowledge and understand the root causes, then these tensions will spread beyond Leicester to other parts of the country. Community cohesion is a national responsibility that requires a national response. The social media companies, particularly TikTok, Twitter and WhatsApp, were the mediums used to escalate the tensions through content that promoted the disorder.”

“On 15 September I wrote to you with concerns on the upcoming visit of Ms. Sadhvi Rithambharan, a widely known Hindutva leader who notably promotes an ideology of hatred, divisiveness and violence. Given recent events in Leicester, there is now even deeper concern in constituencies like mine where she intends to visit a temple.”

“The need to revoke her visa and halt her visit has become even more urgent and I urge you for the sake of communities like mine to take immediate action,” the letter concluded.

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