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IIOJK in focus

KU puts career of law students at stake; BA LLB question paper was out of syllabus

Srinagar, September 24 (KMS): In Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir, tenth semester students of Bachelor of Law said that their question paper on Child Law and Juvenile Justice was out of syllabus.

Speaking to media in Srinagar they said examination setters are taking students for a ride by asking out of syllabus questions.

The anxious students blamed the Kashmir University authorities for playing with their future by coming up with such errors and placing them under stress.

“The errors made by the examination department of Kashmir University have put our careers at stake. There is no one to listen to us at University. The repeated errors show that Kashmir University is no more a student-friendly institution. We feel it is because the ineligible persons have been posted at prestigious posts without any merit,” said some angry law students.

They said the scenes at Kashmir University and its South and North campus were also disturbing. Some female students fainted after seeing the out of syllabus paper while some students even cried in examination hall, they added.

“The affairs at Kashmir University are becoming worse. No accountability, no transparency but Kashmir University has become a bag of errors. Our careers are at stake. The Kashmir University authorities are least bothered,” they said.

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