Speakers urge UN to send its teams to IIOJK to monitor rights violations by Indian troops

#Kashmir_Flashpoint_ In_South_Asia

Geneva, September 22 (KMS): In Geneva, speakers while stressing that unresolved Kashmir dispute is a nuclear flashpoint in South Asia urged the United Nations to send its teams to Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IIOJK) and monitor the rights violations by Indian troops in the territory.

Speaking on item 3 General Debates in United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC), they asked the UN to intervene to resolve Kashmir dispute to avoid nuclear war in the region. The speakers exposed the Indian state terrorism and its black laws used against the Kashmiris to muzzle their demand of right to self determination.

The speakers said all the detainees are under illegal detentions as false cases are being imposed on them by the Indian regime. Black laws, bestowed to Indian forces in IIOJK, have made Kashmiris’ lives miserable and horrible, they added.

They deplored that dozens of people, mostly youth, religious scholars and political activists, are arrested during cordon and search operations without any reasons in IIOJK.

The speakers, condemning the Indian state terrorism and brutalities in IIOJK, urged the world community and UNHRC to take serious note of the situation of IIOJK where voice and political activities of people are being curbed and silenced under the barrel of gun.

They said the BJPs regime and Indian military establishment are involved in heinous crimes and human rights violations and urged the United Nations to resolve the Kashmir dispute as per its resolutions and wishes of the people of Kashmir.

The speakers included Dr Waleed Rasool, Ms Shamim Shawl, Hassan Al-Bana, Barrister Needa Saleem, Prof. Shagufta Ashraf and Parvez Ahemd Shah.

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