‘IIOJK turned into military garrison post 05 August 2019’

Jammu, September 15 (KMS): The members of the Bangladesh, India, Pakistan People’s Forum have said that Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir has been turned into a military garrison after August 5, 2019, where political, democratic, civil and human rights of people have been usurped.

A delegation of Bangladesh, India, Pakistan People’s Forum comprising Dr Soneelam, Rita Chakarvarty, Babeeta Mandal and Gopa Mukherjee is on a visit to IIOJK. The members of the delegation addressed a conference of Indian and Kashmiri civil society organized by the United Peace Alliance at the Jammu Press Club.

They said during their visit to the occupied territory, they saw that the political, democratic, civil and human rights of the Kashmiri people are being violated. They said Jammu and Kashmir has been converted into a military cantonment after 5 August 2019 where people are being denied their basic fundamental rights.

The delegation members assured the participants of the conference that they will raise their voices for the political and democratic rights of the Kashmiri people across India.

APHC leader, Mir Shahid Saleem, and other speakers of the conference on this occasion said the communal BJP-led Indian government wants to change the demographic composition of IIOJK and for this purpose non-Kashmiri Hindus are being settled in the territory on a large scale. They said all the resources of occupied Kashmir are being plundered by India. They maintained all the promises made by the Modi government at the time of the repeal of the special status of IIOJK in August 2019 regarding development have proved to be a hoax and today the occupied territory is standing on the verge of a political and economic disaster.

Besides Mir Shahid Saleem, the speakers included ID Khajuria, Sheikh Abdul Rahman, Amresh Jasrotia, Advocate Ayaz Mughal, Sukhdev Singh, Pritam Singh, Devendra Singh, Amar Chand Bhagat, Ram Singh Chauhan and Rajendra Prasad.

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