19-year-old Muslim boy shot dead in UP

Lucknow, Sept 09 (KMS): A 19-year-old Muslim boy was shot dead by Hindu extremists in Parauli village in Uttar Pradesh’s Saharanpur district.

Shahrukh, a resident of Muzaffarnagar and a labourer was returning from work.

Two accused, Dharamveer and Ompal were arrested based on a complaint from the father of the deceased.

Shahrukh was branded as thief by the Hindu mob before he and his friend were targeted by the assailants, family member told media.

Family members denied the claims of theft and said it was a targeted killing.

“My brother was a labourer who used to do the work of tying iron rods. He was returning from Miragpur village on Wednesday night. There were some people already standing on the way, carrying weapons. They stopped Shahrukh and friends and started abusing them. One of them opened fire too. There were two men who opened fire,” Shahrukh’s cousin Dilshad told media.

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