After 75 years, Sikh man figures out he’s Muslim and family is in Pakistan

Jalandhar, September 08 (KMS): After 75 long years, a Jalandhar-based Sikh man got to know that his original family was in Pakistan and they were Muslims.

Amarjit Singh, who is learnt to be from Nurmahal area near Jalandhar, Indian Punjab, had a tearful meeting with his sister Kulsoom Akhtar at Kartarpur gurdwara on Wednesday.

A Pakistani journalist shared on his Twitter account the video of a wheelchair-bound Amarjit Singh meeting his sister.

As per reports, Kulsoom reportedly told the media that she was born in Pakistan after the Partition and that her mother would often tell her that she had an elder brother and a sister at Pabwan village of Jalandhar whom she could not bring along to Pakistan.

She said she mentioned this to her father’s friend Dara Singh who was planning to come to Indian Punjab. She gave him their address and he was able to locate her brother and arrange his contact. Kulsoom was told that her elder sister had died.

After the emotional reunion, Amarjit Singh told the media that he was raised by a Sikh family in the village and never knew that his original family was in Pakistan and that they were Muslims.

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