Video: Months after WHO suspension, Bharat Biotech hasn’t improved Covaxin quality

New Delhi, Sept 02 (KMS): Even months after the World Health Organization (WHO) suspended the supply of Covaxin to UN agencies in April, Bharat Biotech hasn’t improved the quality of the COVID-19 vaccine and the Indian government has been completely silent about this issue.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) issued a statement on April 2, 2022 saying that it had done an on-site inspection of Bharat Biotech’s facility where Covaxin was being manufactured in March. It found several deficiencies on quality control standards, as far as production was concerned.

The WHO said that the company had tinkered with the manufacturing processes that it had committed to while applying for the WHO licensure. And, those changes which were made after the grant of the license had not been communicated to the body. Therefore, it suspended the supply of Covaxin to UN agencies in April this year.

The WHO has approved 11 COVID-19 vaccines so far, including Covishield and Covaxin. Of them, Covaxin is the only one to have faced this stricture.

The WHO, again when asked by media, in August this year, if Bharat Biotech had removed those deficiencies in good manufacturing practices. The WHO replied in the negative.

Whether the WHO will revoke the license given to Covaxin, remains a tough question, however the main query to ponder is how would this affect those who have taken Covaxin and, especially why are the Indian government and the country’s drug regulator not only completely silent about this, but are also dodging efforts to make this information public.

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