‘Kashmiris not to rest till accomplishment of Syed Ali Gilani’s mission’

Rawalpindi, September 01 (KMS): Chairperson of Peace and Culture Organisation (PCO), Mushaal Hussein Mullick, has made it clear that people of Kashmir will not rest till the mission of veteran Hurriyat leader and icon of Kashmir freedom movement, Syed Ali Gilani, to break the shackles of Indian slavery is accomplished.

Speaking at an event organized by Rawalpindi District Bar Association on the first martyrdom anniversary of Baba-e-Hurriyat Syed Ali Gilani, she paid glowing tribute to the great Kashmiri leader for his life-long fight against the Indian occupation.

Mushaal, who is a wife of illegally detained Kashmiri Hurriyat leader Mohammad Yasin Malik, said that Syed Ali Gilani gave his life in the struggle for freedom of Kashmir and exposed the fascist and oppressed face of India to the world. “We will continue the dream of Gilani Sahab till our last breath,” she said, adding that his determination will always be remembered as he was uncompromising leader of Kashmir. She stated that the veteran leader spent more than a decade in Indian prisons for his unwavering stance on the Kashmir dispute.

The PCO Chairperson said that 249 years ago, the body of Baba Bulleh Shah was also desecrated as his funeral was not even allowed. Similarly, she added, permission was not given to offer the funeral of Syed Ali Gilani and even after the burial, his grave was declared a sub-jail, depicting the unimaginable fear of the Indian government.

Mushaal said that Syed Ali Gilani was symbol of resistance against Indian occupation and torchbearer of Kashmiri freedom movement and his legacy would continue to guide and inspire Kashmir’s present as well as coming generations. She pointed out that Indian authorities wanted to break the resolve of the iconic leader by keeping him in detention but failed in their nefarious designs, adding that Indian authorities’ policy of oppression and suppression even could not weaken his ideological allegiance with Pakistan. She said that Syed Ali Gilani’s life long struggle for the Kashmir cause would be written in golden words in the annals of Kashmir history and he remained passionate advocate of Jammu and Kashmir’s accession to Pakistan all along his life.

The PCO Chairperson stated that the veteran leader proved prophetic who predicted over a decade ago that 500,000 people from the Indian state of Bihar and six to seven hundred thousand Indian army personnel would be given Kashmiri citizenship to change the demography of Kashmir and afterward, India would say OK, let us have a referendum now. She stated that this is what exactly happening in Kashmir now, as the enactment of new Domicile Law has pushed the Kashmiri people to the brink of extinction because over 4.1 million Domicile certificates have been issued within the past two years just to change the demography of IIOJK.

She said that India should not forget that Kashmiri people kept the freedom movement alive through their matchless sacrifices and they would take it to its logical end come what may.

Mushaal said that the Kashmir dispute was a volcano that posed serious threat to the global peace; hence the world should give a serious consideration to settle it as per the UN agreed formula before it was too late.

Arshad Mujeed Malik Advocate, President Bar Rawalpindi, Secretary General Advocate Mubashir Rafiq, former president high court Sardar Abdul Razzaq and Sabein Hussain along others also spoke on the occasion.

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