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Video: Kashmir Magazine: PTV

*Exclusive story of Jagtar Singh a Scottish British Citizen tortured & detained in notorious Indian – Tihar Jail without conviction since 5 Years , Why Sikhs are collectively punished by fascist Modi.. We have very special guests “Amrik Singh Sahota .. OBE Council of Khalistan *.

Indian Farmers from Punjab again approaching to Jantar Mantar in Dehli why ? We will give you insight & also what Indian Minister says about Sikhs of India !.
⚛️➖ Can in occupied territory voters be brought from occupier , ?.
🔵➖ India has a plan to bring 2.5 M more voters to fulfill dream of so called Hindu CM In IOJK … will they we will uncover the story with facts! ?.
✴️👉 * Guests are – Amrik Singh Sahota, Brig Haris Nawaz & Hasan Bana –

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