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India plotting to defame Pakistan through its malicious propaganda


Islamabad, August 28 (KMS): India is attempting to defame Pakistan and the Kashmiris’ freedom struggle by resorting to malicious propaganda as the fascist Modi can resort to any wicked tactic to malign Pakistan and the Kashmiris’ indigenous resistance movement.

Modi regime has stooped so low to present a mentally unsound person as a ‘terrorist’ to smear Pakistan, said a report released by the Kashmir Media Service, today.

It said India is using the arrest of insane Tabarak Hussain from Azad Jammu and Kashmir, who inadvertently crossed Line of Control (LoC) recently, to unleash malicious propaganda against Pakistan.

Tabarak Hussain, a resident of Sabzkot village of Kotli in Azad Jammu and Kashmir and mentally unsound, was shot at and arrested in injured condition by Indian troops after he inadvertently crossed the Line of Control in Naushera area of Rajouri district of Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir a few days ago, the report said.

It deplored that Indian troops kill Kashmiris in fake encounters near the LoC and later dub them as Pakistani militants to defame Pakistan and the Kashmir freedom movement. India through its pliant media is trying to paint Pakistan, the Kashmiris’ freedom movement in a bad light, it added.

The report maintained that India had a habit of unleashing unsubstantiated propaganda against Pakistan and the Kashmiris’ freedom movement and had escalated its anti-Pakistan campaign marked by false narratives, concocted evidence and orchestration of fake encounters.

It said India is a known state-sponsor of terrorism, promoter of anti-Pakistan propaganda but will definitely fail in its machinations to defame Pakistan and the Kashmir freedom struggle as Pakistanis and the Kashmiris are determined to foil India’s hybrid war tactics against them.

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