Indian Army to deploy light tanks in northern sector

New Delhi, August 27 (KMS): The Indian Army is set to procure a fleet of light tanks for deployment in high-altitude areas in eastern Ladakh under ‘Project Zorawar’ to bolster its overall firepower and operational prowess to deal with any eventualities.

Reports said the Acceptance of Necessity (AoN) or the initial approval to the project is likely to be accorded by the defence ministry next month.

The reports said the light tanks will have firepower at par with the existing ones and they are being procured to ensure quick deployment and boost agility of the force as the “threat” along the northern borders is likely to remain in the “foreseeable future”.

These tanks to be procured under ‘Project Zorawar’ — named after legendary Zorawar Singh, a military general who served under Raja Gulab Singh of Jammu — will have equal firepower as the current ones.

It is also being examined if they can be made amphibious so it can be deployed even in the Pangong TSO in eastern Ladakh, the reports said.

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