KPL 2 final washed out, Mirpur Royals become champions

Muzaffarabad, August 26 (KMS): Shoaib Malik-led Mirpur Royals became champions of the Kashmir Premier League (KPL) after their final match against Bagh Stallions was washed out in Muzaffarabad, today (Friday).

The KPL management shared that the Royals were named champions as per rules after the final contest was washed out.

Earlier, the Mirpur Royals beat Bagh Stallions in Qualifier to advance into the final. Later on, the first eliminator between Overseas Warriors and Kotli Lions and the 2nd between Bagh Stallions and Overseas Warriors were also washed out. As a result, Kotli Lions and Overseas Warriors failed to qualify.

Stallions set the final contest with the Royals. Malik-led Royals lifted the coveted trophy.

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