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IIOJK in focus

Fascist Modi hell bent upon imposing Hindutva ideology in IIOJK: APHC


Srinagar, August 20 (KMS): The All Parties Hurriyat Conference has deplored that Narendra Modi-led fascist Indian government wants to impose Hindutva ideology in Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir and turn the Muslim majority territory into a Hindu majority region.

The APHC spokesman in a statement issued in Srinagar said, allowing Indian citizens residing temporarily in IIOJK to cast votes is part of deep-rooted conspiracy to implement the Hindutva agenda in Kashmir and to enslave Kashmiris forever. He said the latest move of Modi regime to disfranchise the Kashmiris is yet another attempt to make Kashmiris aliens in their own homeland. He said, it is the worst assault on the identity of Kashmiris and a sheer violation of international law and the UN resolutions on Kashmir, which is an internationally accepted disputed territory.

The spokesman said, the main objective behind this move is to install a Hindu chief minister in IIOJK who will implement Hindutva ideology in the territory. “It is also part of sinister conspiracy to change the demography of the disputed area. He warned that if Kashmiris all over the world will not protest against colonization of Kashmir by Hindutva elements on this crucial stage, it will prove disastrous for them and their future generations will face the wrath of Hindutva terrorism. He said that it is a critical stage and do or die situation for the Kashmiri people because Hindutva forces are hell bent to eliminate them and settle the matter for ever.

The spokesman called upon all the Kashmiris irrespective of their caste, creed, colour and religion to forge unity among their ranks to foil the nefarious designs of RSS-backed Modi government and get rid of the Indian slavery. He said, all the political, social and religious organizations must get united and launch an agitation to regain their rights snatched during last three years by Modi regime. He also urged upon regional political parties to forget all differences and join pro-freedom parties in their struggle.

The APHC spokesman pointed out that since 5 August, Modi regime has taken various steps to merge Jammu and Kashmir with India. “Abrogation of special status, issuance of domicile to millions of Hindu fanatics and granting lands of Kashmiris to non-locals are few examples of Hindutva mindset. These steps will prove catastrophic for the Kashmiris,” he said.

The spokesman wowed that brave Kashmiris will never bow before the Indian military might. “India has deployed over one million troops and turned Kashmir in to a military garrison and has used every oppressive method and all conspiracies to stifle the voice of Kashmiris but has failed to intimidate them into submission. If India deploys its entire army in Kashmir still shameful defeat is its destiny. History is the testimony to the fact that legitimate struggle cannot be crushed through use of brute force or conspiracies. Come what may, Kashmiris will never surrender before India and will break the chains of slavery,” he said.

The APHC spokesman also appealed to Pakistan to raise the issue on international level and apprise the world about ugly Indian state terrorism and conspiracies of Hindutva racist regime. He also urged the UN, OIC and human rights organizations to take cognizance of Indian conspiracies and save the Kashmiris from total extinction.

Meanwhile, Jammu and Kashmir Democratic Political Movement, a constituent of APHC, in a statement in Srinagar termed the granting of voting right to the Indian citizen residing in IIOJK as a conspiracy to change the demographic composition of the territory. It said India is using brutal tactics to suppress the Kashmiris’ freedom movement but would never succeed in its nefarious deigns. It also strongly condemned the recent dismissal of several Kashmiri government employees for their affiliation with the freedom struggle.

The DPM also expressed serious concern over the safety of illegally detained Hurriyat leaders and activists lodged in different jails of IIOJK and India. It said that in the last few days, two Kashmiri freedom activists have been martyred while in custody at Kot Bhalwal Jail in Jammu. It demanded immediate release of all unlawfully detained Kashmiris. It appealed to the international community to play its role in resolving the Kashmir dispute in accordance with the UN resolutions and the wishes of the Kashmiri people.

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