“Withdraw case against Bajrang Dal members”: Father of lynched Karnataka Muslim man faces death threats

Bengaluru, Aug 19 (KMS): Months after the brutal lynching of Karnataka Muslim man, Sameer Shahpur, by members of Hindutva outfit Bajrang Dal, the father of slain Muslim said he has been receiving death threats from men associated with the same outfit.

19-year old Sameer Shahpur and 22-year old Shamsheer Khan Pathan, two friends hailing from Naragund of Karnataka, were brutally attacked by the members of the Hindutva outfit on 17 January this year which resulted in Sameer’s death.

On 14 August 2022 while he was returning to home after work, 52 year old Subhansaab Shahpur, Sameer’s father was threatened by saffron men. The elderly man was surrounded by three men, who hurled anti-Muslim slurs. All the three were in their mid 20s, Subhansaab told media.

“While I was returning back from work, some men ageing mid 20s surrounded me and abused me. They even tried hitting me, but I defended myself. One man later threatened me to withdraw the FIR I had lodged against Bajrang Dal members in Sameer’s murder. They said if I didn’t do so, they’ll kill my other two sons,” he added.

“Your two other sons will face the same fate if you don’t take back the case,” the men said to Subhansaab.

Eight men including Sanju Nelvade, leader of Bajrang Dal were arrested in connection with Sameer’s murder. Among the accused, two juveniles are out on bail while the other six are behind bars.

“I was relieved when the police reached the spot. Seeing the police two of them fled away and police couldn’t catch them. One was arrested,” slain Sameer’s father said.

He went on to say: “When I narrated the incident to my family, everyone got worried. But, I won’t withdraw the FIR. I will fight this legal battle until my son Sameer gets Justice.”

Subhansaab who is a daily wager, is now worried about his wife as she used to stay alone the whole day in house.

Sameer’s friend Shamsheer who was too attacked by Bajrang Dal members says he’s afraid that he will be their next target.

Shamsheer works as photographer in a studio and says he is now frightened to go to work as some give him a weird stare.

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