Kamal Nath compares BJP Govt to East India Company

Bhopal, Aug 16 (KMS): Former chief minister of the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh Kamal Nath attacked the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) by comparing the saffron party led government with the East India Company. He accused the BJP of hiding its real face with mask of democracy and snatching the power of people like East India Company had done years before.

Addressing the people of the state, Kamal Nath, who also heads Madhya Pradesh Congress Committee (MPCC) , said that some forces are pushing the people of the country towards the slavery.

“Before 1947, the Congress had fought for years for the freedom of the country and now in 21st century, another fight has started against the draconian rule… The Congress would need support of people to save the democracy,” he said.

“Some forces hiding behind the mask of democracy are misleading the country. They are making tall promises like East India Company used to do during the British era. They are pushing the people of this country towards the slavery. Farmers’ lands are being snatched, freedom of expression has completely been destroyed,” the Congress leader said.

Further, he criticised the economic policies of the BJP led Centre and the state government. The veteran leader said that the country is facing the burden of “huge debt, which at present has crossed over Rs 128 lakh crore. Similarly, Madhya Pradesh has over Rs 3 lakh crore debt”.

“The slavery start with the debt and it is increasing day by day… This is not the way to make the country and its people self-reliant… rather they are pushing the people towards slavery to full fill their own agendas,” Nath added. KMS 01 H

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