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IIOJK in focus

Students claim school possessed by ‘ghosts’, demand relocation

Srinagar, August 04 (KMS): In Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir, students of Government High School, Arampora, in Sopore area have demanded that the school be moved to another building, claiming that their current location is possessed by a ‘ghost’ that makes them ill.

The students claim that a ‘ghost’ haunts the current structure, giving the students sickness and causing them to frequently collapse on the ground without a cause. “We do not want to study in this building because students collapse on the floor every day in this building. I am afraid to go to school,” a student said.

The students boycotted the classes and gathered outside the school to raise their demands. They added that the Education Department was ignoring their complaint in spite of repeated requests.

“Our school should be moved to a different building, but no one is paying attention. Many girls have quit attending the school, but management appears unmoved. Our studies are being impacted since we felt insecure in this building,” another student said.

Abdul Salam, Zonal Educational Officer, Sopore, told the media that the school is running out of rented accommodation that has insufficient space. “There is not enough room in the building, and we have already issued the owner a notice asking him to increase the space,” he said.

He, however, added that because the owner is in Dubai, they are unable to deliver the property to him. “None of his relatives are prepared to assume ownership of the structure. Due to the lack of available land for the construction of a new structure, we will move the school to another rented location,” he said.

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