Trained and funded by RAW, ISK engaged in creating instability in Pakistan

Islamabad, July 31 (KMS): India is hand in glove with the terrorist outfit Islamic State of Khorasan (ISK) to create instability in Pakistan, sources privy to the development have informed.

Many of the terrorist attacks, which took place inside Pakistan in the near past were claimed by the ISK that is undoubtedly, as per the sources, trained and sponsored by the Indian spy agency, RAW, on the Indian soil.

“The RAW is sponsoring ISK to bring instability in Pakistan and along the Pak-Afghan border,” the sources said and added that Pakistan had prepared a dossier and informed the international community with proofs that India was engaged in recruiting and training the ISK operatives inside Indian and in occupied Jammu and Kashmir,” the sources said.

The objectives of the exercise, they added, are to malign the Kashmir freedom struggle, advance the Hindutva agenda, prevent Hinuds from coming close to Islam and project Narendra Modi’s personality as a strong man.

The KMS learnt that these terrorists moved from Kerala and other southern states of India to Afghanistan, Syria and other Muslim countries. It is the ISK that carried out the attack on the Indian citizens in Afghanistan in 2019, which claimed 13 Indian nationals, the sources maintained. The aim was to show that the ISK is anti-India as well.

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