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Suicide incidents common among Indian armed forces’ personnel


Islamabad, July 22 (KMS): Suicide incidents are common among Indian military personnel as is evident from the data recently released by the Indian Defense Ministry which says that 819 armed forces’ personnel have committed suicide in last five years.

Among the 819 suicides committed by Indian armed forces’ personnel in last five years across India, as many as 642 are from the Indian Army, 148 from Indian Air Force (IAF) and 29 from Indian Navy, said a report released by the KMS, today.

It said the rising suicides among Indian armed forces show increasing level of depression and low morale within the military. One of the main reasons behind the highest suicide rate in Indian armed forces is their deployment in conflict zones like Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IIOJK), it added.

The report revealed that 548 Indian forces’ personnel have committed suicides in IIOJK since January 2007 till date.

Realization of fighting a futile war against a hostile public besides workplace ill-treatment and poor services are some causes of increasing suicides among Indian military in IIOJK, the report maintained.

It said callous attitude of seniors and denial of leave for long hauls are also cited as reasons for alarming suicidal tendencies among the Indian military personnel.

The report pointed out that the Indian military leadership had badly failed to address issues relating to suicides among its officers and soldiers.

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