CPI-M objects to Hindu puja by Modi prior to unveiling of emblem

New Delhi, July 12 (KMS): The Communist Party of India-Marxist took a strong exception to the Hindu puja performed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi before the unveiling of the national emblem.

The CPI-M underlined that India by its Constitution is a secular country and it does not allow the State to profess or practice any faith/religion.

Modi on Monday unveiled the national emblem cast on the roof of the new Parliament building. It was unveiled following a puja attended by Modi.

The CPI-M said the unveiling of the national emblem is a clear violation of the Indian Constitution.

“The Constitution unambiguously separates the three wings of our democracy – the Executive, the Legislature and the Judiciary. The President summons the Parliament. The Prime Minister is the head of the Executive,” the statement said.

Slamming Modi for conducting puja before the unveiling ceremony, the CPI-M said the State must be neutral in performing official works.

The emblem erected on the roof of the building is 6.5 metres high, fashioned of bronze, and weighs 9,500 kg. It has been cast at the top of the new parliament building’s main foyer.

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