‘Godi’ media adds fuel to fire as ‘Ban Bakra Eid’ trends on Twitter in India

New Delhi, July 11 (KMS): In a series of anti-Islam and anti-Muslim measures, now India under Modi government has started directly targeting basic symbols of Islam like congregational daily prayers, Juma prayers and now celebration of Eidul Azha.

While the Muslims in India celebrate Eidul Azha, the festival of sacrifice, Hindu nationalists have started running a hateful campaign— #BanBakraEid on Twitter. The hashtag topped the twitter feeds and was trending at number one for some days around the festival of Eidul Azha or famously known as Bakra Eid in India.

Hindu nationalists running #BanBakraEid trend on Twitter claim that Muslims who take part in such festivals are cruel and inhuman in nature.

A recent notification about ban on animal slaughter by the Tripura government triggered controversy, after which the administration manifested itself to clarify on the issue.

Adding fuel to fire the Indian media have been serving spoonfuls of hatred throughout the day and night.

News TV channel – ‘News Nation’ currently on the occasion of Eid runs a debate with two Muslim clerics namely Mufti Shamun Kasmi and Mufti Ali Kadri with the title ‘What Islam Says’. The host of the news debate opens her show by saying, ‘Is it the right way to kill an animal after feeding and nursing it or is it paving a path towards fanaticism?’

On the red screens of the TV news debate comes flashing a title “Is sacrificing even necessary on Bakra-Eid?” Apparently, the news anchor swiftly served her own hidden motives through the debate questioning the complete concept of the festival.

Similarly, ZEE News flashes its screens with the title – “What will Sar-Kalam gang do on Bakra-Eid?” Further the news channel flashes another title, ‘“… all Hindus are on the target.”

Such debates portray a wider look towards the intentions of such news channels who are so fearlessly running similar shows which create enmity among religions and augment Islamophobia in India.

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