DM raps headmaster for wearing ‘kurta pajama’, in Bihar

Patna, India, July 11 (KMS): A video of a District Magistrate of Bihar, rapping a school headmaster for wearing ‘kurta pajama’ at work, has surfaced online in India.

The viral video shows DM, Sanjay Kumar Singh of Bihar’s Lakhisarai district scolding the headmaster of a primary school in Balgudar for wearing a kurta pajama and telling him he looks like a politician rather than a teacher.

In the video, the DM can be heard questioning the teacher’s attire and saying: “Do you look like a teacher? You look like people’s representative of the people.”

The magistrate was in the school for an inspection on the orders of the government when the incident happened.

When the DM reached the school, he was not impressed with the headmaster’s dressing style and reprimanded him for the same. The headmaster, Nirbhay Kumar Singh, can be seen wearing a white kurta pajama in a video by a local news channel.

The DM also questioned the functioning style of the school. In the video, he was seen calling the education officer on the spot and asking for the headmaster’s suspension. He ordered a salary cut and a show-cause notice to the headmaster of the school.

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