‘House for sale’ poster speaks volume of fear under Yogi Adityanath in UP

Lucknow, July 05 (KMS): A poster proclaiming ‘House for sale’ in Indian Hindutva-governed Indian state of Utter Pardash indicating the level of fear among citizens particularly minorities from the RSS led BJP government of Yogi Adityanath.

The poster which has started attracting a great deal of attention said that the reason behind the ‘distress sale’ is the ‘fear of police and anti-social elements’ in Natkur area in Lucknow city of the state.

The house belongs to a police constable. His wife told reporters that the local police have been implicating her family in false criminal cases at the behest of some anti-social elements.

The owner of the house Ramdas Prajapati, a Provincial Armed Constabulary constable, is presently posted in Sitapur.

“I live in this house with my two sons. Some local goons want to forcibly occupy our house and the local police are helping them by harassing us,” said Pushpa, the wife of the PAC constable.

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