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BJP’s hand as part of ‘distraction plan’ seen behind killing of Vastu expert Guruji in India

Bengaluru, July 05 (KMS): Chandrashekhar Guruji of ‘Saral Vastu’ fame was stabbed to death in a hotel in the south Indian state of Karnataka on Tuesday, with political experts pointing fingers at the ruling BJP government for the murder on number of accounts.

Visual footage showed two people repeatedly stabbing Saral Vastu exponent Chandrashekhar Angadi alias Chandrashekhar Guruji at the reception area of the hotel in Hubball, Karnataka, today on July 5.

The police said, two persons attacked Chandrashekhar Guruji when he entered the lobby of the hotel. They stabbed him multiple times before fleeing from the spot. They had approached the victim claiming to be his followers.

The killing was caught on the hotel’s CCTV camera.

Hailing from Bagalkote, Guruji had started his career as a contractor and later got a job in Mumbai where he settled, family sources said. They added that he subsequently pursued Vastu business there.

Three days ago a child in his family had died in Hubballi, for which he had come here to attend a ceremony.

His killing is seen by many as part of what Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has recently said, ‘next distraction’ game by the Modi-led BJP government in India.

Political analysts pointed out that the killing might have been staged by the Hindutva elements at the behest of the RSS-BJP government to place the onus of the murder possibly on Muslims to malign them and also to provide some relief to the Modi government from criticism for its role in a recently committed Udaipur murder incident.

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