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BJP using criminal elements to further Hindutva agenda: Mehbooba

Srinagar, July 04 (KMS): Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) president Mehbooba Mufti on Monday said that the BJP is using criminal elements to perpetuate its Hindutva agenda of communal division and hatred.

Mehbooba in a tweet said, first the Udaipur murderer & now a ‘militant’ caught in Rajouri both have active links with the BJP. The BJP, she said, is using criminal elements to perpetuate its agenda of communal division & hatred.

The former chief minister said had these accused persons been associated with an opposition leader, multiple FIRs would have been filed.

“Imagine if any of these culprits were associated with any opposition leader. By now multiple FIRs would be lodged & godi media would lap it up by devoting endless prime time space to discredit the opposition,” she added.

The PDP chief was reacting to media reports which claimed that one of the killers of the Udaipur tailor was a member of the BJP while a ‘militant’ arrested from Jammu region was IT cell chief of the BJP in Jammu.

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