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BJP thriving on gossip, innuendo: Harsh Dev

Chenani, July 03 (KMS): Former minister and senior Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) leader Harsh Dev Singh has sad that the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is thriving merely on empty rhetoric and false propaganda as it badly failed in honouring its commitments with the people of Jammu and Kashmir ever since its ascendance to power.

Harsh Dev Singh addressing public meetings in Ghantwal, Kalori, Chamba and Puchot villages of Chenani constituency during his two day tour said, it had proved to be a party of ‘Jumlas’ with a complete mismatch between its promises and delivery. The BJP leadership exploited the gullibility of the innocent voters during all elections held in the past eight years without delivering anything on the ground, he added.

Urging the people to recognize the real face of BJP behind its deceptive facades, Harsh Dev said that it was coming out with new slogans during each election only to conceal its past failures and to enkindle new hopes amongst the poor indigent and deprived masses only to fulfill its political ambitions.

He said that the innocence of poor hapless people was once again exploited during the last District Development Council (DDC) elections when several BJP leaders indulged in boisterous extravaganza promising moon to the people.

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