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Udaipur murder devised by India itself to ward off criticism over blasphemy: Analysts

Islamabad, June 29 (KMS): Instead of putting own house in order by reigning in blasphemers, Indian Home Minister Amit Shah is trying to divert the attention through incidents like the murder of a Hindu tailor Kanhaiya Lal in India from the blasphemy committed by the leaders of ruling BJP in India, said analysts while criticizing Modi’s policies.

They cited the Rahul Gandhi’s recent statement wherein he had hinted at possible ‘distraction’ attempt by the Modi government in the near future and said this after media reports said that Indian police have arrested two men over allegedly beheading the tailor over his online support for BJP leader Nupur Sharma for her blasphemous remarks against Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

This murder took place in Udaipur area of Rajasthan, India, the other day.

It is worth mentioning here that Congress leader Rahul Gandhi in a tweet on Monday had attacked Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his “mastery” in “entire distraction science”. Hinting at a false flag operation he had said, , “While Indians struggle, Modi is busy planning his next distraction.”

The analysts said the question arises why these two men went to such an extent? “Answer is because of denial of justice. It is almost a month of Nupur Sharma’s derogatory remarks, yet BJP government has done nothing to address the grievances of Muslim community, they deplored.

From Babri Masjid demolition to Hijab row, there are hundreds of anti-Muslim events still awaited for justice.

Blasphemous remarks might be the breaking point as the level of Muslim’ affiliation with the Prophet is beyond explanation, the analysts added.

The analysts criticized the puppet BJP journalists for directly blaming Pakistan without any concrete evidence. Indian media is beating the drums constantly, fabricating the involved individual’s links with a religious organization in Pakistan.

They termed it a deliberate propaganda against Pakistan by the Modi government, already under pressure for BJP leaders’ heinous act of blasphemy, to divert the world’s attention from the issue.

The analysts did not rule out the involvement of the BJP government in the murder bury the real issue of rising islamophobia in India and also to malign Pakistan.

In this regard, they also Disinfolab type projects established by India to defame Pakistan and added that New Delhi have always failed in providing any evidence against Islamabad in any incident took place in India and New Delhi blamed Pakistan for it. KMS—20K

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