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Highlighting Kashmir dispute, Pakistan urges UNSC to implement its resolutions

United Nations, June 29 (KMS): Pakistan has urged the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) to seriously consider ways to implement its resolutions, especially on long-standing disputes like Jammu and Kashmir.

Speaking at a debate on the Security Council’s Working Methods, Acting Permanent Representative of Pakistan to the United Nations, Aamir Khan, stressed that the 15-member body must become more transparent, accountable, inclusive and democratic to respond to the growing challenges.

He said that nothing undermines the credibility of the Council more than ‘selective’ implementation, and non-implementation, of its resolutions.

The ambassador said failure to enforce its own resolutions undermines the credibility of the Security Council and erodes the commitment of States and peoples to the principles of the UN Charter and the pacific settlement of disputes.

Amir Khan said the Security Council’s relationship with the General Assembly and the UN Economic and Social Council should also be brought into conformity with the letter and spirit of the UN Charter.

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