Had Rahul meant Udaipur murder when said Modi planning ‘next distraction’?

Islamabad, June 29 (KMS): A day after Congress leader Rahul Gandhi said that the Modi government was planning another false flag operation to distract attention from certain issues, a Hindu tailor Kanhaiya Lal was murdered in India’s Rajasthan state.

The way Indian media has launched a propaganda campaign against Pakistan over the murder in Udaipur, Rajasthan, has confirmed that Rahul Gandhi was right when he in a tweet on Monday had said that “While Indians struggle, Modi is busy planning his next distraction” as he has his “mastery in entire distraction science”.

Former Congress chief had also said the prime minister can’t hide disasters such as an all-time high unemployment rate, a 30-year high wholesale price index and devaluation of Indian currency by such distractions.

Political analysts believe that Rahul Gandhi was actually referring to the incidents like the murder of the Hindu tailor when he said that Modi had ‘mastery in entire distraction science’.

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